7 Ways To Build Your Confidence Back Up After A Fall

Around 1 in 3 adults over 65 who live at home will have at least one fall a year, and of these, about half will actually fall over more frequently. Falls don’t just have a physical impact – they can also affect confidence and lead to a loss of independence, as people begin to fear falling over.

This fear can start a negative cycle. Someone stops doing any activity as they are fearful of falling, which leads to a reduced activity level which leads to decreased fitness which in turn leads to an increased risk of falls.

Fear of falling is in itself a recognised risk factor to falls, so taking the time to build your confidence back up is key.

Here are our top 7 ways to help you regain your confidence post fall:

1.  Acknowledge your fear: Understand that it is normal following a fall to feel like this.  Think of an activity and mark out of 10 how worried you are about completing it. This could be walking to the shops or going to the loo in the night.

2. Take control: See a professional and identify the reason why you fell so you can make a plan. Do you have a balance problem or do you need new glasses, or both?

3.  Take action: This could be building your strength and balance through exercises and making simple adjustments around your home e.g. removing loose matting.

4. Make your goal: What is your fear of falling stopping you from doing that you want to get back to doing? For example, I want to be able to walk to the coffee shop at the end of my road in three weeks from now by myself. 

5. Set targets: Increase your activity level step by step to reach your goal.  Split this into weeks or even days. Could you walk half way with a friend by the end of the first week?

6. Talk to friends and loved ones: Get their support so they accompany you on your way to achieving your goal. Could they walk with you to the shops at first, or practice the exercises with you?

7.  Evaluate: When you have reached the timeframe in your original goal, score yourself out of 10 again thinking of the same activity as in step one and see the results.

At ElWell, we focus on giving people the confidence to live the life they want. All our support is tailored to the individual, and we can help people regain their confidence after falling over. If you’re worried about how falls are affecting yourself or a loved one, and want to see how we could help, ring us for a chat.

Jessica SilverComment