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At-home wellbeing solutions across Oxfordshire


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ElWell helps you get the most out of life

We can take care of every aspect of your wellbeing - from mobility to memory, falls prevention to legal help, community connections, diet and nutrition and adapting your home environment.

Simply liaise with our trained team of Oxfordshire-based experts (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians and lawyers) and we will either provide you with one of our bespoke packages or help you navigate and access the right resources. With ElWell, our service is easy to access and you can trust us.

✓ Flexible ✓ Holistic ✓ Simple ✓ Easy

Communicating with your GP

Keeping your GP informed and up-to-date with all aspects of your care is of great importance. ElWell will undertake this on your behalf.

We liaise with GPs as appropriate with your consent to understand your medical background and update them with our own findings and recommendations.

Our joined-up approach will help to alleviate your concerns, relieving unnecessary anxiety and being of benefit to your mental health.


Who we can help

We can help with a spectrum of different wellbeing levels.

From those who are very active but aren’t finding things as easy as they used to, to those with complex multiple conditions such as Parkinson’s, dementia, arthritis, stroke and many others.

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Working with you

We work closely with you to understand your overall situation and make personalised recommendations.

Our team of experts visit you at home and can provide anything from focused advice to on-going support. We are flexible and work in line with your needs, timeframe and budget.

Start with an initial assessment and from there we can help you with healthy ageing solutions.


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