What Are Sensor Mats For Dementia And Does My Parent Need One?

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The majority of people living with dementia in the UK are lovingly cared for at home. But what do you – the family caregiver – do as night time approaches and the risk of your loved one experiencing incontinence and wandering increases? That’s what this article’s all about. A smart sensor mat for dementia that alerts you (and others) of such incidents could be just the safety solution you’re looking for. Which is why we’re so pleased to have discovered the Texible Wisbi!

This wonder product is a bed sensor mat that lets you know via an app notification if they experience nighttime incontinence or get up out of bed (the only mat with this dual function) – and importantly, doesn’t alarm your loved one with a high pitched noise.

The tech gives you peace of mind that they’re as safe as can be at home (whether you’re in the next room, or in your house miles away) and lets you feel in control of the situation.

This article has been written in collaboration with the Texible Wisbi.

How Does This Sensor Mat Work?

Most motion sensor mats for the elderly go on the floor (so can be a falls risk) or solely track movement (if say your parent gets out of bed) and the only way to let you know is if you’re in close vicinity and can hear the alarm.

The Texible Wisbi is an intelligent 100% cotton bed pad that has an inbuilt pressure sensor that connects to WiFi.

Three times thinner than other bed mats, it has the comfort factor and measuring 1m long and 64 cm wide it can be placed either horizontally or vertically on the bed (the height of the user and sleep position will likely effect how you place it in bed).

Once there, it will detect both liquid or when someone has left the bed after a chosen amount of time – this could be straightaway, or if your loved one can get to the bathroom for example solo, you can set it to activate after an extended period. There’s no unnecessary notifications and worry.

Cleverly, this sensor mat for dementia works on textures instead of weight, noticing when clothing or skin changes in feel. So you can rest assured that a simple movement in bed won’t trigger the mat.

We keep talking about bed, but of course this alarm mat also works just as well on a chair. Place it on your parent’s comfortable riser recliner chair for example in the day and you’ll be happy in the knowledge that they’re as safe and dry as possible 24/7.    

Getting Notifications Via The App

The Texible Wisbi app is free to download from the App or Google Play store. Once downloaded, it walks you through how to connect the bed alert (it’s very simple, just a case of scanning the QR code on the transmitter and following the steps).

You can choose for any number of people to receive alerts – when a notification pops up it will either read “the bed is empty” or “the bed is wet”.

Why Do I Need To Know This?

Incontinence and wandering are both common night time concerns with dementia.

When you consider that almost half (42%) of people who experience incontinence suffer from skin damage through wetness, you realise the importance of not just using absorbent incontinence products to contain it but actually dealing with the incident in a timely manner.

You can absolutely use the Texible Wisbi alongside incontinence pads and sheets but what this bed alarm does that these options don’t is help you with care hygiene (and provides a more sustainable option for the planet!).

“Since Felix has been sleeping on the Texible Wisbi bed insert, I have been able to sleep longer and more relaxed because I know that Felix is ​​no longer wet. Thanks to the alarm, I can change his diapers in good time. The advantage of this is that we have significantly reduced our need for laundry and I have more time for everyday things”

Jeanette, family carer

As dementia progresses, the likelihood of wandering does too. This is stressful for you, and can put your parent at risk of falling over or getting lost.

The notifications from the Texible Wisbi mean that you, other caregivers and family members can be alerted the minute wandering may start so regardless of your location, you can spring into action without causing your parent undue upset.

Have you heard of the Herbert Protocol? This police-led initiative lets you provide info about your parent in advance so if they do go missing it helps the police locate them quickly.

Cleaning The Sensor Mat

As it’s 100% cotton, the bed alarm mat can easily be washed. Just detach the sensor pad and pop it in the washing machine at up to 95 degrees which will kill any bacteria.

How Much Does The Sensor Mat Cost?

You can buy this smart alarm pad for £238.50 direct from the website.


We’re always looking for caregiving solutions that can make your life easier, and help keep your loved ones safe. The Texible Wisbi sensor mat for dementia definitely ticks this box. If you’re concerned about incontinence and dementia, sleep problems or both than we’d recommend you taking a look at their website.

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