About Us

Jessica and Nancy from ElWell, helping you care for elderly parents

Hello, we’re Jessica and Nancy! Life-long friends (we met in the school playground 30+ years ago), we started ElWell when we realised how difficult it was to access relevant information and support to help people caring for elderly parents.

Caregiving is hard enough, you shouldn’t have to struggle to find the right and timely advice too.

Our Experience Inspired Us To Start ElWell

Jessica saw her mum care for her grandpa, helping him live at home until he passed away (at the grand old age of 94!). Whilst keeping him at home was the right decision, Jessica remembers her mum saying she wished she had somewhere to turn that could give her the answers for what her grandpa would need now, and also further down the track.

Nancy is a physiotherapist with 15 years’ experience. She was working for the NHS in the community, helping elderly people rehabilitate at home after leaving hospital (such as after hip replacements and strokes). When she visited them, they were so ready to have someone there who could help them that they would ask questions over and above physiotherapy related. What social activities were there for them? How could their house be best adapted for them? How could they improve their wellbeing?

Our aim is to educate and empower people
so they can look after their parents and remove some of the stress and heartache too. 

If you have any feedback, comments or want us to cover a particular topic then please get in touch – we always love to hear from you!

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