Which Is The Best Key Safe For Your Elderly Parents?

Carer using a key safe outside home
This article is written in partnership with The Key Safe Company – keep reading for a discount code.

Let’s talk key safes. In our eyes, the right key safe is worth its weight in gold – helping to keep your loved one safe in their home, by letting approved people come in and out of the house (e.g. daily carers, a cleaner, a neighbour dropping off groceries). But not all key safe boxes are created equal. So let’s take a look at how you choose the best key safe for elderly parents at home.

We’ve teamed up with The Key Safe Company for this article. Having just celebrated their 25th anniversary, they are absolute experts in this space, being the original police preferred key safe distributor.

Their Supra C500 Pro and Supra P500 Pro models are officially the UK’s most secure mechanical key safes – they have been stringently attack tested and hold accreditation from the Loss Prevention Certification Board as well as the police.

Trusted by over 2 million users, they also have a UK-based helpline with an actual human at the end of the phone for any questions (0330 363 0303).

So without further ado, let’s find out more about choosing an outside key safe.

What Is A Key Safe?

In this article, we’re talking about a mechanical key safe (not a digital key safe which relies on a power source to operate). It’s a small but mighty combination key box that fixes to the outside of the house and holds a spare set of keys.

This enables people who have the code to access the home but a key safe can also provide back-up for lost or forgotten keys (so could be great for your house too if you live with forgetful teenagers etc!).

Imagine if your parent fell over and needed help and you weren’t able to get there quickly. A key safe at their home provides peace of mind that the emergency services could easily get inside and help them.

How To Use A Key Safe

They’re so easy to use! Once installed (more on that below), choose the code. The Supra P500 Pro and Supra C500 Pro models have over 4,000 options to choose from.

Then give the code out to necessary trusted people, place a copy of your house keys in the key safe and you’ve got guaranteed means for your trusted circle to access your home without the hassle of handing out multiple copies and risking them being lost or misplaced.

How Safe Is A Key Safe?

There are different types of key safe boxes on the market, but they don’t all provide the same protection.

A cheaper, lighter plastic model (you might have seen them sold at petrol stations for example) can easily be broken into (it’s more flimsy, has fewer code combination options etc).

So we’d always recommend the best key safe to buy is one that is police recommended.

The police preferred certification is issued by ‘Secure by Design’, an official UK police initiative. Police preferred key safes will give you assurance that the devices have undergone vigorous attack testing. Products with the ‘police preferred’ certification are said by the police to increase home security, and the same goes for police preferred keysafes.

From a safety perspective, in addition to the police preferred certification, the Supra P500 Pro also has an anti-attack insert. This additional interior steel lining makes it even tougher integrally.

It also has a built in anti-tamper code cover meaning that the code mechanism inside is covered by a steel plate so it’s out of sight and can’t be changed (accidentally or on purpose). This makes it a great option if you have many people using the key safe or if your loved one is suffering from memory loss, as you can be sure that the code can’t be changed unintentionally and lost or forgotten.

A key safe is a convenience product but it ultimately comes down to trust – remember, you’re giving them access to a loved one’s home. It’s standard practice to change the code and reissue it to relevant people every so often.

If you’re giving the code out to more than just family members, keep a log of who has the number and it’s a good idea to change it if someone is just coming to the house once (e.g. a plumber) – but remember to tell everyone else the new one!

If you use agency carers (so have different carers on rotation), it’s likely that the code will be written down on their secure system. Given this, it’s extra important that you trust the home care company and could be worth meeting any new carers the first time they visit if possible.

And if your parent wears a personal alarm, then remember to give the code to the monitoring company. They can provide it to the emergency services if necessary.

Where To Put A Key Safe

OK, let’s talk location – is it better to show that you have one or hide it?

According to The Key Safe Company, anyone with a high security keysafe (like the Supra P500 Pro or Supra C500 Pro) should put it at the front in show as these models are as secure as your front door.

Plus, hiding it in a covert place could actually be inviting unwelcome guests in – burglars like to work unnoticed and a hidden location gives them more time to try and crack it open.

Something else to consider is getting outside sensor wall lights too. It improves the safety of the approved person using it (such as a carer visiting at night) and acts as another deterrent for a burglar.

Key Safe Installation

First of all, think about placement. You want to put it at least six inches away from a wall edge so that you don’t give unwelcome guests any leverage to work against.

Fitting a Supra C500 Pro or Supra P500 Pro key safe is really straightforward. You just need a power drill to make four holes, and the screws go straight into the brick (no rawl plugs needed).

If you’re not feeling confident about installing a key safe or don’t have the time then don’t worry – The Key Safe Company offers a nationwide installation service when a product is ordered from their website.

This can be done quickly, usually 3-5 working days but can even be less time. For example, if your parent is waiting to be discharged from hospital and you need to get everything set up for daily carers to come in. Another reason why The Key Safe Company makes the best key safes for elderly parents.

Does A Key Safe Invalidate Home Insurance?

If you use a police approved key safe then the home insurance policy should stand. However, as each policy is different and it’s always recommended to let them know you’re fitting a key safe and update the policy if needed. 

It’s possible that an insurance company would question a less secure solution and may not cover a claim so it’s a good idea to always get the highest security key safe available that is backed by independent certifications like the ones from Loss Prevention Certification Board or Secured by Design initiative.

And hiding a key (e.g. under the mat) would absolutely invalidate the insurance – so don’t risk it!

How Much Are Key Safes?

After learning all this, you’ll probably find that The Key Safe Company key safes aren’t as much as you might think! The Supra C500 Pro costs £59.94 and the Supra P500 Pro is £78.70 and both come with free next day delivery when ordered from The Key Safe Company’s website www.keysafe.co.uk.

Apply code ELWELL10 at checkout to quality for 10% off Supra C500 Pro and P500 Pro Police Preferred KeySafes. Offer limited to three products per purchase.


Staying at home as we age has been proven to improve quality of life and wellbeing. If your parent wants to keep living at home then a key safe could be a necessary purchase, giving them freedom and security and you peace of mind. Choosing the right key safe is so important as it literally holds the keys to their home, so we hope our article on finding the best key safe for your elderly parents provides clarity.

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