ElWell in The Oxford Times

Speaking About The Importance of Senior Wellbeing

We Help The Helpers

We’ve got first-hand experience of knowing how hard it is to care for a loved one as they get older. The questions you have at every step of the way, unsure if you’re making the right decision. You just want someone to be able to help.

That’s why we set up ElWell. We help the helpers, with senior care information, advice, product recommendations and more. So that you can get the answers you’re looking for. And ultimately help your parents improve their wellbeing as they get older.

We’re Passionate About Senior Wellbeing

We’re living longer than ever and have an ageing population. And we think this is something to be celebrated! We need to focus on senior wellbeing. We spoke about this in The Oxford Times which you can read below.

We Help Seniors In Oxfordshire To Improve Their Wellbeing

At-home support to help seniors get stronger, more organised and improve their overall wellbeing. We make home visits across the county (when not in lockdown) and can also provide tailored remote support too.

Physiotherapy Helps Seniors Get Stronger

Our tailored physiotherapy sessions help seniors get stronger. Led by Nancy Farmer, our chartered physiotherapist, we offer support at home across Oxfordshire (when not in lockdown!). We can also offer virtual sessions via Zoom, FaceTime or even the good old telephone (if this is better for your parents).

Admin Support To Help Seniors Get Organised

We know that sometimes the details of life can become overwhelming. Paperwork mounts up, it’s hard to keep track of appointments and you can feel out of control. We can help seniors stay in control with our admin support sessions at home.

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