Playlist For Life

Showcasing the power of music, these unique personal playlists help people with dementia connect with their memories and loved ones.

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By Playlist For Life user Carole, and her husband Malcolm

“When I was diagnosed with young onset dementia I went into a deep depression and all I could think was that I was dying. I was introduced to Playlist For Life through my dementia club and they helped me make my playlist, it’s amazing as it brings back so many memories from a wee lassie to present day. I have enjoyed making my playlist and telling my husband of the memory behind each song, we have laughed and cried, it’s like this is your life in song. It makes me so happy and I sing and dance, now I am living my life again and it has given me the confidence to be me. Thank you Playlist for Life.”


“Playlist for Life has not only helped Carol, as the benefit of a playlist helps all the family as at times it is hard to have a conversation with someone with dementia but by using the power of song it triggers something that brings the person back to life. We play Carol’s music all around the house and it makes me so happy to see her singing and dancing to her music. We love talking about the memories each song has and what started as twenty songs has now expanded to over 300 songs.”


Playlist For Life is a free service, available for everyone.
You don’t need new equipment to play your playlist – it’s about creating a playlist of your favourite songs so you can interact with others, not fancy technology! Play the music from cassettes, CDs, stream from the internet or just pin a list to your wall so people know your favourite songs to sing with you!

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Photo of Carol and Malcolm in their garden taken by Elaine Livingstone.

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