Fluid Motion Hydrotherapy Group Class

Physiotherapy-led classes in water, designed to help people become stronger and more active.

Instructor And Elderly Patient Undergoing Water Therapy


By Class Attendee, Margaret

“The aim of Fluid Motion is to make aquatic rehabilitation as accessible and affordable as possible so that everyone can access the most suitable support to treat and manage their condition. These sessions have helped me a lot after a back operation, I was referred by my GP.  I feel I can move much better in the water than on land.  I find it a relaxing, social and fun with a lovely group of people.  Each person has their own exercise programme set by a physiotherapist which is available on a computer at the poolside.  I would recommend this group, run by Martina and Hannah, to others.”

 Wednesday at 11:00am – 12:00pm, Barton Swimming Pool, Waynflete Road, OX3 8GA

£5 per session

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