The Best TV Speaker For The Hard Of Hearing

Sony Wireless TV Handy Speaker

wireless speaker elderly hearing impaired

We have found what we think is the best TV speaker for the hard of hearing on the market.  It’s the Sony Wireless TV Handy Speaker.

As older people become hard of hearing, they tend to turn the volume on the TV up and up. 

A louder volume doesn’t always mean they can hear the words more clearly (as background noise is intensified too) and this can be irritating for people watching TV with them.

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Why do we believe that this is the best speaker for the hearing impaired?

Because it was recommended to us by someone in their 60s.

And we then road tested it with some other people (in their 80s and 90s) who were struggling to hear the TV and asked us for a solution.  

Read on to find out why we (and our reviewers) believe the Sony Wireless Handy TV Speaker is the best TV speaker for the hard of hearing on the market.

For some reason, Sony don’t yet sell this in the USA, but we’ve found an alternative.

Improving the TV sound for the hearing impaired

The Sony Wireless Handy TV Speaker lets the person watching TV enjoy it at an audio level that is right for them, without disrupting other people in the room.

It brings the sound of the TV directly to them, whether they are sat near or far from the TV. It doesn’t just make the audio louder, but also enhances the dialogue and makes the speech clearer.

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How Does It Work?

It’s a small and lightweight wireless speaker, so you can place it next to the person watching TV (with the speaker side facing them). 

It provides a personalised volume which can be turned up and down.

This means that if someone with better hearing is watching the same programme, their ears won’t be blasted with the TV on maximum volume. Because the sound from the speaker is limited to where it is.

It also means that if the TV is in an open plan setting, the individual with impaired hearing can watch the TV at their preferred level. Whilst other people can move around the area at ease, without the TV volume filling the whole space.

It also gives freedom to the person watching TV. They could for example turn the news on, move the wireless TV speaker to the kitchen and eat their breakfast. The sound would be as good as ever, and the volume would be concentrated to that sole area.

wireless speaker elderly hearing impaired

How To Set It Up

We’re not going to lie, it’s not the easiest to set up but once done (in about 20 minutes), it works very well. We’d recommend you setting it up for someone elderly.

Watch this video and then follow these steps:

  1. Charge the docking base overnight before first use. Attach the micro USB cable to the base, and plug the other end into a normal wall socket.
  2. The speaker comes with two cables to attach to the TV. You only need to use one (two are provided depending on the TV’s specifications) and it is recommended to use the smaller optical cable (but the audio cable will still yield a good result).
  3. Attach the cable of choice to the dock and the other end to the corresponding output on the back of the TV.
  4. Once done, plug the base in to the wall socket.
  5. On the TV, go to Settings and change the audio output to PCM.
  6. To switch the speaker on, just pop up the volume control button and move it to the preferred volume.
  7. There shouldn’t be a delay with the TV’s speaker, but if there is you can always mute the TV (as long as someone else isn’t watching it at a different volume too).

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Product Features

Design and Weight

It is lightweight and compact. There is a small charging dock (85g) and the speaker (440g). The speaker has a sturdy handle so it can be easily gripped and moved to the preferred location and rubber feet so it won’t move around.

Easy to Use

There are some buttons on the top of the speaker, but the only part which your elderly relative really needs to use is the volume dial. This is large and easy to control. It is easy to place back onto the charging dock – as TechMoan says “If you can use a cordless kettle, you can charge one of these.”


The speaker uses infrared commands to pair with the TV and can be used for distances up to 30m. It can be paired with all TVs (including but not limited to Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp etc).

Sound Quality

Fantastic! So much better than using a TV soundbar or amplifier for the hard of hearing due to Voice Zoom technology (which makes dialogue crisp and clear).  

Battery Life

A full charge gives you up to 16 hours of wireless TV listening (we recommend the wireless speaker is placed back on charge when not in use, so it’s easy to find when it is wanted!).

Drip Proof

It can be used in the kitchen while washing up for example.


After testing, we truly believe this is an affordable purchase which will really make a difference to someone who struggles to hear.

Don’t just take our word for it – here is what one of our reviewers said.

This is just wonderful, I can actually hear the TV. I’ve been struggling for sometime and my partner does not like having the volume up so high. It sounds silly to say, but this is life-changing. Highly recommend.

Can you think of someone who would like it? You can buy one from Amazon, as well as in-store at John Lewis.

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