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In this We Like I want to share with you the best outdoor walker I have found so far. It suits people who are wanting to get out and about and have reasonable balance, and in my job as a physiotherapist specialising in elderly rehabilitation, I believe it is the best walker for the elderly.

Outdoor walkers like this can help build confidence and increase activity levels. This brings health benefits including increasing cardiovascular fitness as the user is often able to go further, knowing that they can safely stop for a rest. 

The best outdoor walker, it makes going out into the community more accessible, allowing people to keep up with their friends and hobbies more easily.

The outdoor walker we want to share with you is the Mobilex Gepard Carbon Fibre Athlon Rollator.

Mobilex Key Features

  • Lightweight walker, weighing 5kgs
  • Individual push handles
  • Height adjustable handles
  • Cross folding, making it ideal for storage and portability
  • Soft seat
  • Brakes with parking lock function

What We Like About This Outdoor Walker

  • Lightweight – this carbon fibre rollator is one of the lightest weight models on the market at just 5kg
  • Easy to negotiate curbs compared to other designs
  • It is a folding walker, allowing it to fit into the boot of most cars and for easy storage at home
  • Has a seat allowing for rests as required
  • Space for your shopping in a detachable shopping bag
  • Modern stylish design

We Road Tested This Mobilex Walker With An ElWell Client

Our 91 year old client has been using the Mobilex Gepard Carbon Fibre Athlon Rollator for a few months now. He uses it in his garden, as well as to feel confident when walking in public. Here is what his wife had to say about it:

“The rollator is a great success. Being carbon fibre, it is easy to take in the car and he enjoys going for walks with it. We think it is well designed and considering the light weight, it is very stable.”

ElWell Client, Oxfordshire

What Is The Difference Between A Walker And A Rollator?

We have used both terms in this article and the key difference between a walker and a rollator is wheels.

A walker has four legs that all touch the ground, and need to be lifted up and down by the person using the mobility aid. Think of a zimmer frame.

A rollator has wheels that pivot, so it is much easier to use. They also have space for a seat (like the Mobilex walker here) and fold up easily.

Walking Aids For The Elderly

We understand that this lightweight walker may not be suitable for your elderly parent. Read our in-depth guide on the best walking aids for the elderly (we cover everything from crutches to Nordic walking poles, sticks and rollators). Or find out more about different types of walking sticks here.


In our We Like articles, we promise to bring you the best products that we have trialled with our clients and have really made a difference to their lives. Let us know if you have any product recommendations you would like us to consider! We’re here to make your lives easier as you care for your parents.

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