Prevent Falls With These Non Slip Bath Mats For The Elderly

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My mum broke her hip a few years ago after falling at home onto a hard floor.  It’s made my family realise how important bathroom safety is – those wet floors and sharp corners are bathroom hazards. One easy (and inexpensive) way to reduce the risk of bathroom slips is using non slip bath mats. 

There’s a real selection out there, so we’ve made life easier for you with this round-up.

Anti Slip Bath Mat

It really isn’t one size fits all when it comes to non slip bath mats for the elderly. There’s inside bath mats with suction, anti-slip shower stickers, extra large options, ways to make cushioned bath mats non slip and more. 

We know not everyone has a bath and a shower (or not everyone can use a bath). These products can on the whole be used interchangeably – so a non slip bath mat is also an anti-slip shower mat.

Either way, we hope this article helps you see what useful products are out there so you can make an educated decision on what’s best for your parents.

This post contains affiliate links. This means we may get a small commission if you click and buy (at no cost to you). We chose the products as think they are the best options, and hope you do too.

Non Slip Bath Mat For Inside Bath

Moving when wet is a big reason why there are so many falls in the bathroom, and this inside bath mat (which doubles as a non slip shower mat) is designed to help your mum or dad stay safe. 

By trusted company Gorilla Grip, the product really lives up to its name – it has 320 suction cups so really clings to the bathtub or shower floor and won’t move when your parent is getting in and out.

It’s padded so is comfortable on sensitive feet and for lying on. It’s a good fit for a standard bath (measuring 35 inches by 16 inches), so covers most of the base.

It also ticks the antibacterial bath mat box too. It’s mildew resistant, doesn’t smell and water won’t pool underneath either as it has holes throughout for water to flow through.

We’d always recommend it being picked up and placed over the side of the bath / shower door when not in use to allow it to air but this isn’t really a necessity with this Gorilla Grip bath mat. It’s slightly more expensive than other brands, but it lasts well and can be machine washed.

Please note though that if using in the shower, it isn’t suitable for tiled surfaces. If the shower tray (the base of the shower) is acrylic, fiberglass or composite then it should work but please test the suction before your parent uses it.

You can also use this antislip bath mat on the bathroom floor (but not if it’s tiled). Before use, clean the floor and make sure it’s completely dry or the suction cups won’t stick.

Personal alarms can help your loved ones stay safe and give you that much needed peace of mind. Read our article on the best personal alarms for the elderly – from the Age UK pendant to a fall alarm with GPS, there’s something for everyone.

Cushioned Bath Mat

Lying in the bath can be uncomfortable for adults who don’t have much body fat – which is where this padded non slip bath mat comes in.

Cushioned on one side, and with anti slip suction underneath it also comes with a cushioned kneeler to protect the knees of you (or a carer) who is helping to bathe your parent which we think is its real USP.

It’s large (91cm x 43cm) and is machine washable – although some reviews state it’s hard to keep clean (maybe they just need our tips on how to clean a bath mat which are below!).

Full Body Bath Mat With Pillow

OK, now we’re onto the really luxurious bath mat option! This full body bath mat stretches along the length of the bath tub, and has a padded inbuilt pillow for optimum comfort, ideal for anyone with aches and pains who is finding relaxing in the bath not as easy as before.

Most importantly given this article, this Idle Hippo full body bath pillow won’t budge. It has strong suction cups which easily attach to the bath and hold the bath mat in place even when wet.

Why else do we like it? It’s white and inconspicuous so won’t stand out in the bathroom. It’s made from mesh and has a good air flow so it doesn’t go mouldy. It goes in the washing machine if you want to freshen it up, and there’s also a hook that means you can hang it over the shower to dry off if you want.

And if you want more support to help your parent in the bathroom, read our articles on help getting in and out of the bath and the best bathroom aids available.

Extra Large Non Slip Shower Mats

Nowadays showers (whether in a wet room or standalone) come in a variety of sizes, with the shower tray sometimes measuring bigger than a standard bath. This means that there’s a need for extra large non slip shower mats.

Extra Long Bath Mat

This generously long bath mat is 100cm x 40cm and is covered with 200 suction cups to keep it securely in place. It’s made from non-slip textured rubber and has drainage holes throughout so the water doesn’t pool.

Whilst it’s not overly wide, you might want to buy two to cover the width of the shower.

Shower Rubber Mat

This is a good shower safety solution if you need to cover more surface area. These four shower slip mats interlock (go for a square measuring 60cm x 60cm or a rectangle measuring 120cm x 30cm) – and if you need more you can always buy a second pack.

These interlocking tiles only work on smooth surfaces – either the shower tray or the bathroom floor. The four tiles have 100 suction cups between them and over 700 drainage holes (just make sure if used on the floor there is somewhere for them to drain to).

Wipe clean, they can also go in the washing machine and come with a two-year warranty.

Non Slip Bath Stickers

If you’re looking for bath mat alternatives, then I’m proud to introduce anti slip stickers! It’s really a case of stick and go – the top of the sticker has some friction which makes it anti-slip, and they can be put inconspicuously around the bathroom wherever your elderly parent needs some support.

Easy to clean, they’re thought to be more hygienic (as mildew bath mats can be a regular complaint and bacteria doesn’t harbour on the stickers).

These anti slip strips also don’t move once down and you can cover a complete surface with them, regardless of the size or shape you need to fill. Plus they are also very cost effective.

Before putting them down, just make sure that the surface (bathtub, shower tray or bathroom floor) is clean and dry. Look out for air bubbles during installation as water will get in there – if they appear, take it back up and start again.

Just to note, whilst you want good friction to make them work, also remember that your parent will be stepping on them with bare feet (or lying on the anti slip bath stickers) so they need to be comfortable.

They come in all shapes – thin or thick lines or round circles so choose what’s best for the bathroom.

Chenille Bath Mat

So many falls happen at home because someone trips over a rug or mat. But that doesn’t mean your parent can’t still have a plush, luxury bath mat – if they are mobile enough then you just need to find one that stays secure with a slip resistant backing.

This microfibre chenille bath mat has a non-slip thermoplastic rubber (TPR) backing. This synthetic material maintains the characteristics of both plastic and rubber which most importantly means it’s hard wearing, waterproof and slip resistant.

The chenille upper absorbs water so also prevents the wider bathroom floor getting wet and slippery, reducing the risk of bathroom falls. You can put it in the washing machine and hang it over a radiator without risk of the back cracking.

Please don’t use one however if your parent uses a walker or rollator in the bathroom – the walking aid can get caught on the corner making the mat a bathroom hazard.

Rubber Backed Bath Mat

A latex backed bath mat will stay in place on the bathroom floor. This large option (it measures 80cm x 50cm) has absorbent chenille on top which feels lovely and soft underfoot and prevents water spillages whilst the PVC backing means it doesn’t move.

The only con would be if your parent has a heated floor, as the rubber backing could crack after some time.

Anti Slip Rug Pad

If you’re not sure if your parent’s current bath mat has a slip-resistant backing, then you can get non slip underlay to keep it in place.

This vinyl rug gripper works on all surfaces (except carpet) – so will keep bath mats secure on bathroom tiles and more, and won’t be affected by underfloor heating. If it starts to lose any friction, just wash it and it will be good as new again.

How To Wash Bath Mats

It’s important to look after the bath mat so it works to the best of its ability. We’ve tried to find options in this article which are easy to clean (in a washing machine) or don’t let too much soap scum build up – this can fill the suction cups so they don’t perform.

How To Clean A Bath Mat With Suction Cups

If your parent (or you, or a carer) is able, then use a nail brush or old toothbrush with hot soapy water to keep it clean and mildew free. Make sure it’s properly dry before putting back down.

The options we’ve included here are all able to go in the washing machine – just check about drying them (some can go in the tumble dryer on low, others can’t).


Falling in the bathroom becomes much more of a risk as we get older. Luckily, there are some amazing products available to help people stay safe, happy and well whilst washing. From the best non slip bath mats for the elderly to non slip strips, we hope this article has shown you what’s available.


How can I help my elderly parent stay safe in the bathroom?

Wet floors and hard surfaces can make the bathroom a hazard. Non-slip bath mats, anti-slip stickers and other low-cost aids can really help improve safety and make you feel more reassured.

Can I buy large non-slip shower mats?

People with walk-in showers, or using walking aids may need larger non-slip bath mats. We’ve rounded up our choices here.

How do you clean a bath mat with suction cups?

If possible, keep it mildew free with a nail brush and warm soapy water. Make sure it’s properly dry before putting back down! Most anti-slip mats will also go in the washing machine too.

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