The Most Useful Mobility Scooter Accessories To Buy

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Have you ever thought about how you stay dry, or carry your shopping on a mobility scooter? If so, then this article on the most useful mobility scooter accessories to buy is for you!

We’ve organised the accessories into the following categories:
– Staying Warm And Dry
– Carrying Your Shopping
– Staying Safe

The options below will work with lots of different types of mobility scooters, but it’s always worth checking the specs for your specific model. Either way, I hope it gives you inspiration.

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Staying Warm And Dry

Thanks to some fantastic (and good value) waterproof accessories, mobility scooters can be used come rain or shine – so the weather shouldn’t have to get in the way of plans.

Looking after your scooter with these waterproof options will also help keep it working well for longer.

Waterproof Covers For Mobility Scooters

This durable yet lightweight waterproof mobility scooter rain cover will keep your vehicle dry when parked up. It folds up small enough that you can take it round with you (top tip: always keep it in the scooter bag or basket!) and it has an elastic hem so fits snuggly.

It’s a good rain cover option if storing your mobility scooter outside too.

You might have seen some clear all weather covers for mobility scooters which are used when the scooter is being driven – they protect against rain and strong sun rays.

Whilst at first glance these canopies look great, we wouldn’t recommend them for use in heavy rain. They can get fogged up and there’s no windscreen wipers so the visibility can come into question. If it’s drizzling or to keep the sun off though, they can be a good option.

Instead, to stay dry it’s best to go for the following waterproof ideas instead.

Seat Covers For Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooter seats aren’t waterproof, so it’s always a good idea to get an inexpensive cover. This all weather cover is made from a strong nylon with a PVC covering.

Really easy to put on and off, there’s a velcro strap to keep it secure and in place, and it will fit round a backrest if you have one.

Depending on the size of your scooter, the waterproof seat cover should fit the headrest too, but it’s always worth checking. Seat covers are also a good idea if your loved one has incontinence, to give them that extra security.

Mobility Scooter Tiller Cover

This is another essential wet weather purchase. The tiller is the control panel that steers the scooter and will usually have other driving controls (reverse, speed, key etc) on it too.

The tiller is height adjustable, so there’s less strain on the hands and the driver can rest their wrists on it when driving.

This tiller rain cover is a simple solution to keeping the electrics dry. It goes on in a few seconds, secured by velcro and doesn’t affect the use of the control panel.

If you’re in the market for a new or second hand mobility scooter, then take the time to read our mobility scooter buying guide. It’s not one-size-fits-all when it comes to scooters, so the more you know about these independence vehicles, the better.

Mobility Scooter Cape

This mobility scooter cover is essentially an all-in-one rain shield, keeping you and the scooter dry. It’s a universal size so fits almost all scooters, and there’s a clear panel to see the tiller.

It has a waterproof casing and comes in a small bag which can be stored on the scooter. There’s a hood (although it’s not being worn in this picture) too. There’s a gap for the wing mirrors to poke through too (if your scooter has them). 

These ponchos are thought to be easier to use than mobility scooter leg covers – feedback has been that they’re a bit fiddly to get on and off.

Waterproof Gloves

It’s so important to keep hands warm on a mobility scooter so you can keep full control of the vehicle. Circulation can get worse with age, and conditions such as arthritis can especially flare up in colder weather, so invest in a pair of warm waterproof gloves.

There’s so many to choose from, but we like these ones – they’re good value, have anti-slip particles on the palm to increase friction and they don’t have to be taken off to use a smartphone (when parked!).

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

A mobility scooter is open to the elements, so there’s some other tricks to keep the hands warm. These hand warmers also feature on our gift guide and are so popular there – they’re rechargeable and discreet, small enough to fit into a pocket when not needed.

Or you can go for disposable hand warmers, like these from Little Hotties (how good is the name?!) which work for eight hours. They also sell toe warmers too which can be placed in shoes.

Puffa Coat

If your parent isn’t very mobile, it’s likely they will feel the cold more. This stylish yet functional puffa coat is a winner for keeping you warm and dry whilst sat down.

By adaptive fashion brand The Able Label, it not only looks the part but is adaptive. With buttons for display only, it uses a combination of hidden velcro and popper fastenings to encourage independent fastening.

Great for people who have limited hand movement, or someone who has poor circulation in the cold.

Bright Gilet

When driving a mobility scooter, it’s good to stick out – when it comes to clothing! We love this well-made cushioned gilet from The Able Label.

The deep zipped pockets here mean your parent may not even need to take a bag with them on their errands.

Bright gilet to stand out on mobility scooter

We love recommending useful gadgets and products. Read our article on products to make life easier, or check out more on adaptive clothing here.

Carrying Your Shopping – Mobility Scooter Bags

First things first, it’s important to remember that the more weight you bring onto a mobility scooter, the more there is to transport (both on and off the scooter).

So whilst you can get a folding basket, pannier bags for the side and a backpack, make sure that the choices you make are realistic for you or your loved one.

A mobility scooter bag or basket is specially designed to loop onto the vehicle. It’s much safer than having a handbag over your shoulder – all personal items should be placed in them so they don’t interfere with driving.

Some even carry walking aids – read on for our round-up of the best. When parked, you can either keep the bag on the scooter and take the personal items out, or easily detach it and use that as your handbag.

Mobility Scooter Shopping Bag

This sturdy, waterproof bag is large enough to fit your supermarket shopping – but be careful not to overload it (just because it can carry lots doesn’t mean you need to).

It can easily hold your scooter waterproof cover and any other paraphernalia with ease. There’s a reflective strip so it’s visible at night and space for walking sticks or crutches (or even an umbrella) – all in all, it’s affordable quality.

Mobility Scooter Basket Cover

If your scooter comes with a basket, then get a cover to keep everything in it nice and dry.

More than a cover, this is actually a waterproof bag that sits in the basket and folds over the top to close it – so you can easily take the bag off when away from the scooter and keep all your possessions safe. It fits round and square baskets.

Mobility Scooter Pannier Bag

Panniers slot over the arm rests, can be an efficient use of space and mean your valuables are never far out of reach (they’re not for carrying heavy loads). The adjustable straps on this bag slot easily over the arms.

Hi Vis Mobility Scooter Bag

This is a great idea for class 2 mobility scooters especially – they usually don’t have lights (unlike the larger class 3 models) so the high vis on this scooter bag offers extra visibility.

It slides over the headrest of most scooter models and clips on easily. We also think it looks very snazzy!

Driving a mobility scooter comes with a responsibility. Find out how to get a free hearing test at home, or read our wrap-up of the best invisible hearing aids on the market – they’re tiny!

Staying Safe – Anti Theft Devices For Mobility Scooters

We’ve got some great tips and products that can help to keep your mobility scooter safe from theft.

Ignition Key

Most mobility scooters run off an ignition key and you’d be surprised by the number of people who keep it in when parked. Take the key out to avoid someone making an easy steal.

Locks For Mobility Scooters

Most scooters have a freewheel setting, which turns the motor off and lets you push the scooter. Don’t let thieves take advantage – chain it with a wheel lock to a railing, or get a wheel clamp.


Always park the scooter in a visible position, with foot traffic if possible.

Use A UV Security Marker Pen

Write your post code, surname and phone number in this invisible ink on the scooter. If it gets stolen and recovered, it will be easy to identify.

Get A Mobility Scooter Alarm

This is a really nifty gadget for out and about that can act as a deterrent to thieves, and also help you locate the mobility scooter if you forget where it’s parked.

The small alarm is battery operated (AAA) and can be placed anywhere on the scooter (e.g. under the seat). It comes with a remote control fob which has a good range and, when activated, will turn the alarm on.

Mobility Scooter Insurance Cover

Surely one of the most important mobility scooter accessories is insurance! It may not be the most fun thing to spend your money on, and whilst it’s not a legal requirement, we can’t recommend it enough.

Get breakdown cover too so you know the driver will be safe whatever the situation. We always recommend Fish Insurance – they’re the experts in insurance for scooters and WAVs (among lots of other things) and will give you the best protection and advice there is.

USB Charger

Anything can happen when you’re out and about, and keeping your phone charged is so important. Which is why we like this small but mighty powerbank to keep the phone (or tablet) powered up for longer.

Hi Vis

If your parent doesn’t want to wear hi vis clothing, there’s always the option of putting some of this hi vis reflective tape onto the mobility scooter.


Mobility scooters are a fantastic way to stay independent – they help you get from A to B, do the shopping and more. But once you’ve chosen your preferred model, you need to start thinking about how you’ll use the scooter and what accessories you need to get the most out of it.

Whilst we’d always recommend buying a mobility scooter in person at a mobility store, there’s a great range of mobility scooter accessories online that are easily accessible. Happy shopping!

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