Help Putting On Socks: Using A Sock Aid

Put On Socks Without Bending Down

Physiotherapist sitting down showing how to help put on socks using a sock aid
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What’s a sock aid I hear you ask? Well as you might have guessed from the name, it helps people who are having difficulty getting dressed with putting their socks on.

It’s Nancy here. As a physiotherapist I find that sock aids are very useful aids to people who are willing to practice the technique (which then becomes easy and quick) and want to keep their independence and care costs down.

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I don’t know about you but my dad is never fully dressed unless he has his socks on. So a sock aid, which makes it easier to get dressed when it is hard to bend over, is a great solution for seniors and could even cut down the on the time needed with a home carer.

A Sock Aid Helps People With Impaired Mobility

We all need to bend down to put our socks on ourselves. But as we get older, this bending movement is often one of the first things that people find difficult. This means the task of putting our socks on and finishing getting dressed isn’t so simple.

This can be especially true for people with conditions such as arthritis and Parkinson’s disease.

And this where a sock aid can help. This small but mighty piece of equipment is inexpensive and easy to use (once you have mastered the technique). A sock aid (or sock puller) could actually even save you money as using one can actually reduce the need for carers to come in and help you get dressed.

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We recommend three different styles that are both effective:

  • Our favourite sock aid – having worked with a variety of older clients, the design of this sock aid makes putting on socks and getting dressed so much easier.
sock aid for elderly
  • It’s also worth highlighting the Vive Sock Aid (Easy On And Off Stocking Slider) which is better for broader feet. Find it on Amazon.
  • This white plastic version from NRS is another good (and slightly cheaper) option, also from Amazon

How to Use a Sock Aid To Put On Socks

All you need is your sock, the sock aid and a chair (ideally one with arms).

The front of it is curved, the back (where your heel will be) has the handles.

  1. Slide the sock onto the front of the sock aid (the curved end). It could help to get a firm hold on the aid by squeezing it between your legs.
  2. Pull the sock all the way up until the handles.
  3. Hold the rope and drop the sock aid onto the floor.
  4. With it on the floor, place your foot into the sock.
  5. Work your foot into the sock by pulling on the handles.
  6. Make any adjustments so it fits well.

You can watch this video demonstration too…:

How to use a sock aid


Putting on socks is an easy part of daily life – until it isn’t. Bending down and pulling a sock on and up your foot can be difficult as we get older. We understand that at the same time this becomes difficult, it is important to people to maintain their independence.

A sock aid is a small but mighty daily living aid that can help individuals achieve this. Recommended by physiotherapists and occupational therapists across the country (and further afield), this cheap piece of kit can really help. If you agree, let us know!

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