Handy Bar To Help Getting In And Out of A Car

The Handy Bar is a simple inexpensive aid to help someone get in and out of a car, it acts as a car handle to provide extra support. It can easily fitted and removed from any car so can be easy to take with you when travelling with other people. The short video below of how to use the Handy Bar shows you how.

Handy bar for car

Our articles focus on products and services which can easily make a huge difference to people’s lives. This week, we’re focusing on the HandyBar Car Transfer Bar.

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Difficulty Getting In And Out Of The Car

Hello, it’s Jessica here. Getting in and out of cars is something that many of use will find difficulty as we age and the handy bar is a great aid to have up your sleeve to help. I know how difficult it can be to transport loved ones in our regular day-to-day cars (my dad even resorted to using a step-ladder on our gravel drive to help my 85 year old great aunt into a 4×4 – you do what you have to do don’t you!).

So you can imagine how excited I was to find out about a portable, cheap and sturdy piece of equipment that could help. Introducing you to the HandyBar Car Transfer Bar.

The Handybar is essentially a small lightweight bar (23cm / 9 inches long) that offers a grab handle for the car providing secure assistance for getting in and out of the car. It acts as a supportive grab bar, all you need to do is easily latch it onto U-shaped striker plate in the car’s door frame. Then, the user just needs to put their hand on the soft, non-slip hand grip and use it to help them in and out. There’s a striker plate on both driver and passenger sides and it can hold the extra weight, being one of the strongest parts of the vehicle). 

Close up of HandyBar in a car

Extra Handybar Car Handle Features

In case of emergency, the bar also features a seat belt cutter and glass breaker. The placement of the sharp blade is hidden in the curve of the Bar, so it cannot be used except for cutting a seat belt. Once removed from the striker, it can be used to break a window or windscreen (if you need to do this, make sure you tap the glass at the side and not in the middle else it will flex and shatter everywhere).

If you’re interested in trying a HandyBar Car Transfer Bar, you can get one from Amazon.

Car Transfer Aids

There are some other car transfer aids which can help you get out of the car (and in!). Here are a couple which can either be used by themselves or in conjunction with the HandyBar car transfer aid.

Swivel Pad For Car Seat

A swivel pad can be very useful for those who find it difficult to get their legs inane out of the car or in to get into a good position to get up from. They can make the transferring in and out of the car less painful as well helping to limit twisting for those with low back pain. We recommend this swivel pad for the car seat from Amazon.

Car Door Handle

This little gadget can provide an extra car door handle which can be used to help get in and out of the car. Again it is portable, easy to use and inexpensive. It is particularly beneficial to those who rely on their upper body strength when getting out of a chair.

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What is a Handy Bar?

The Handy Bar is a simple aid to help someone get in and out of a car.

How much does a Handy bar cost?

Approximately £20

Is it portable?

Yes the handy bar aid can be used on any car.

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