Viavi:be Gym

A non-intimidating gym in Summertown, helping you to feel fitter and stronger.

Older person sat at gym equipment


By Gym Attendee, Julia

“Viavi:Be is a gym in Summertown which is aimed at helping older people. It is fresh and modern with music that is more background than pumping. The staff are friendly and at your first visit the machines are set up for you which you log into with your personal wristband. At the induction a graph is also produced which shows which muscle groups need more attention.

The circuit consists of six machines set for weight bearing to use specific muscle groups punctuated by using a bike and a cross trainer for the aerobic part. Next there is a wall game with lights to test your reactions which is fun and if you remember your score you can try to beat it the next time. At the end of the workout there is also a video in front of the mat for your specific stretching exercises. Finally you get to sit in the lovely infra red sauna which isn’t too hot and is lovely to relax in. If you live in Summertown it’s easy to visit any time.

Many types of health testing are available including food allergies and DNA testing along with advice on lifestyle and nutrition. Along with an app you can have on your phone if you wish you can be competitive with yourself or with others if you wish. It suits someone who is happy working alone although help is always at hand. The circuit is around 45minutes and you would probably spend an hour there although you can always do more. They have had positive results for osteoporosis which is great news for anybody over the age of 30 when your bone density starts to diminish. Lockers, loos and showers are all available.”

Open 7 days a week, please check website as timings change depending on day.

Membership from £75 monthly.

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