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Helping people living with dementia to retain a sense of adventure by getting outdoors and connecting them with nature, themselves and their community. Holidays across the UK for people with dementia and their loved ones.

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By Dementia Adventure Holiday Makers, Christine & Sydney Browning

Christine and Sydney Browning went on their first Dementia Adventure holiday in September 2017. Christine says that she had given up on being able to go on holiday with Syd again. Everything was too difficult away from home and even though they tried going to her son’s apartment in Majorca and taking a paid carer with them it didn’t feel like a holiday and she felt that holidays were now too ambitious.

Christine and Syd’s vicar knew that their life was very stressful and started to look for some support that Christine could access to sustain her in her caring role. He came across Dementia Adventure and suggested Christine give them a ring.

Christine took his advice and booked onto their holiday in the Lake District (Ireby). She says that at first she felt the cost was high but soon realised that they hardly spent anything while away and the support that they both received was far greater than anything they had ever experienced before.

“As a carer being responsible for someone else is so daunting, particularly going somewhere new and with people who we don’t know”. Christine says she needn’t have worried at all because from the very first meeting with Dementia Adventure staff she and Syd both felt comfortable and knew they would be safe and looked after.

“We instantly felt trust in everyone. On holiday we did things we never dreamt we would do such as climbing a waterfall, going down a slate mine and getting to the top of Latrigg. It was lovely that the responsibility for Syd was shared and for the first time in 2.5 years I had a shower on my own while the volunteers took Syd for an early morning walk to collect fresh produce from the allotment.”

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